The Leadership of Cinturion Corp. consists of the most experienced specialists of the field.

CHAIRMAN – Richard Marshall

Mr. Marshall is distinguished for his broad experience on information and cybersecurity strategies for the Department of Defense. He is acquainted with cyber legislation. He also has influence on national cyber policy initiatives. His greatest asset is his 20 plus years of credence to being a nationally and internationally recognized thought leader on cybersecurity and information related policy, legal and technical issues.

CEO – Greg Varisco

Greg Varisco is a senior management executive. He has provided professional services to the telecom and oil & gas industries for more than 30 years. His field is on advanced subsea and fiber optic networks design, development and implementation. He has led the development of several international business initiatives in various companies (start–ups, turnarounds, public, private and Fortune 100 organizations). Most recently he was occupied as the CEO of a new transatlantic network.

CFO – Sammy Thomas

As a senior executive with a distinguished career in the profitable management of multi-million dollar telecommunication and software business with a consistent track record of success increasing revenues and improving bottom line performance. Formerly, he has held senior positions with Telcordia Technologies and NYNEX.

Chief Business Development Officer – Sheridan (Dan) Liongson

Mr. Liongson has over 30 years of telecom industry experience. The last two decades he was in the subsea telecommunications industry. Having held senior level positions in the Middle East region and other Fortune 500 organizations, his key involvement has been in the project and strategy development, planning, project management, implementation and operations.

Chief Commercial Officer – Bill Marra

Mr. Marra’s career spans more than two decades with an history of creating successful, multimillion-dollar businesses in diverse industries. He has a proven track record of transforming innovative business concepts into reality. Recently, he served as Executive Vice President of Sales for Emerald Networks. He created partnerships with leading firms in the telecommunications and technology sectors. His work led to the completion of the cable build. Prior to this, he served as CEO of WPM Consulting, Founder/ Managing Partner at Globespan Telecommunications, and Sales Director at Qwest and MCI Telecommunications.

Executive Vice President – EMEA – David Crowley

David Crowley is a highly experienced executive in the worldwide network industry. He brings over 30 years of experience with unique and valuable perspectives regarding network design, architecture, capacity management, traffic engineering, deployment, scheduling and support for some of the world’s largest network infrastructures. He has managed the planning and deployment of complex subsea and terrestrial network projects. Mr.Crowley has served executive roles with several companies across the industry, most recently as Chief Technical Advisor to Microsoft and serves on the Board of several companies.

John Mariano

Mr. Mariano has over 40 years’ experience in the telecommunications and submarine industries. He is specialized in planning, deployment and operation of undersea fiber systems. He has been involved in undersea projects around the globe, including major commercial transoceanic networks and environmental sensor network.